Differences that Don't Matter, Vik and Ram

Vik the bear is the forest’s doctor, and Ram the rat is an outcast, but they enjoy each other’s company…

Grandma's Seeds

Brave Little Bumblebee is caught in a rainstorm, and he finds shelter with Grandma Sunflower…

Jae the Blue Jay

Blue Jae is a happy bird who loves flying more than anything. But motorcycle-riding Crow doesn’t share her love of the sky…

A Star Fell on My Head

One night, a lonely boy wishes upon a star for a friend – and gets more than he expected. This is the story of a shining magical visitor from the sky, and the valuable lessons about friendship the boy learns from his new companion.

About Me

Antonija Štefek is a children’s book writer from Croatia who has been captivating young readers with her imaginative stories and heartfelt messages since she first learned to write.

With a background in child development and a passion for nurturing the minds of children, Antonija’s books are not just entertaining, but also educational.


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